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Aiming to fill your home with a scent that brings joy!
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Hand poured in Arlington, VA.

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Good candles can have a transformative power: 
turning a house into a home,
a chair in a corner into a nook,
and a bathroom into a spa. 

Candles not only contribute a scent to our, and our living space's identity, but can also have a powerful effect on even ourselves. Candles are used to bring calmness and excitement, bring back memories and create new reference points for exciting life moments. 

Hand crafted and poured candles bring an added dimension to the power of candles.  Each individual candle is given special attention on each step of creation. From designing labels, selecting wax, choosing wicks and jars; to researching and evaluating each scent added to the collection, hand crafted candles have just that extra touch of care and thought to create a truly unique experience for each burn. 

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