I am Erin.
ISO Candles is my candle store based in Arlington, VA.
Each soy candle is hand poured individually to create a truly unique and individual product.


So who am I? My name is Erin and I am a Tar Heel living just across the bridge from Washington, DC. I stumbled upon a store (now my favorite store, other than J. Crew) in Charleston by accident and it has forever changed my life! 

My entire candle-obsession story started in the spring of 2015 when my sweetheart, Taylor, and I were in Charleston, SC for a College of Charleston alumni celebration. As with all of our trips to the Holy City, we were walking along King Street when we started walking down a side street and saw the most incredible storefront. At this time I was still in a bit of a shell (shout out to Taylor for finally breaking me out of it after a few years of trying) so I had zero desire to try something new, even as simple as walking into a new store that was just absolutely stunning from the street. With one simple question of if I wanted to go in the store, Taylor, unknowingly, created this new path for me and an incredible passion. We walked into this store that was really a sea of incredible candles and handmade home decor. I was delighted to learn that the didn't just sell candles, they also offered candle making workshops. I immediately signed up for a class and the rest is history (well, kinda)! 


I decided to actually put the concept of ISO out into the world!


Each time I was on vacation I would take a class, and I even bought a candle making kit! Finally, after much practice the concept for ISO Candles was born. A year after making my first homemade candle, reading countless books, and making a few hundred (holy smokes!) candles- I decided to actually put the concept of ISO out into the world! I spent a year making candles for holidays, birthdays, and “just because” sundries for my friends and family, and every time I made and gave a candle, it was such a rewarding feeling. The final push was actually from a dear friend, and she didn’t even know it.  She forwarded a handful (5 to be exact) emails that she had gotten from a blogger about taking the leap to sell one’s handmade goodies. 

It took some time to come up with "ISO Candles" but I wanted to make sure I created a name that really encompassed my passions and who this business would represent! "ISO" has a two-fold meaning: first, "ISO" is a camera setting, representing my love for photography; and second, "ISO" stands for "In Search Of", representing my continual drive to search for new adventures in life! 

The feeling it brings me to make and give candles is one that I don’t even know how to put into words. Candles are something that I think, and feel, are so close to the heart because it’s something that I believe really makes a home feel like a home. Not just the scent, but the aroma, the warmth (literally and figuratively), that a candle gives just makes one feel comfortable and at ease.